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  "And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence"
Colossians 1:18

Testimony of Louis Talley

I did not want this to turn into a biography but it's almost turning out that way in mapping what led to being little different than Legion of Mark 5 and Luke 8.

I was born August, 1940. Almost seeming like a target from birth as there were major complications in delivery and nearly died in the womb, having to be taken by break birth or C section.

Earliest childhood memory was memorial due to the date being the same as the dropping of the A Bomb on Japan August 2, 1945. I recall telling my brother that I was going to hitch a ride on the back bumper of a Model A that was parked in a neighbors driveway, brother was telling me not to do it but I did it anyhow, laying in the space between the bumper and the rear truck seat, brother still yelling something, maybe warning of two sailors who came rushing out of the house, not to get me off of their bumper as they did not know I was back there, but a national alarm was issued for all military people to report to their units, all leaves and liberty terminated, the A-Bomb had just been dropped on Japan. The timing of this is what causes me to think of what may have been going on that we are not aware of regarding things unseen that is just as active and interacting with what is physical.

The ride was good down the driveway, but the driver stopped hard and shifted into low gear, tossing me off the bumper, but I held on with my hands like Jacob the Heel Catcher, knees dragging the pavement as the car went faster, neither of the sailors hearing me yelling and crying, must have been dragged for two blocks, hitting a dip that caused me to turn loose, only recall limping to the side of the curb and seeing a great deal of blood on both my knees, not much pain as these wounds were very deep into the muscle and unable to stand up.

Lou's scars
"Scars today only say that healing happened, no more open wounds"

Rebellion as a child came at an early age, maybe due to being spoiled rotten, but was very independent and without discipline, growing up in a very tough neighborhood of Compton, CA. Also arriving at puberty very early and why a baby sitter sure loved to baby sit me, I think she was only about twelve or thirteen but loved to see me naked.

Long before I was a teenager I was fooling around with the neighborhood girls, started a club called "The Nasty Club" doubt if I was more than nine or ten years of age, but nothing innocent about me, was the terror of the neighborhood or to the girls in the neighborhood, I corrupted them all.

This may well have been the beginning of a demonic activity as a child, appearing innocent in mannerisms but no girl was safe around me and had little sense of right and wrong or just did not care. It was fun to fool around with the girls and so I did. I also got caught a few times.

Fast forward to 1954 or around that period of time, I recall dad coming home with a man who was a shoe repair guy, telling us all to listen to him, telling us all about Jesus, then going to his church which was the First Baptist Church of Compton, CA. There we met some nice people who made us feel welcome, but I still had that spirit of rebellion, very independent, but I loved an elderly lady who would have me sit next to her in church services, name was Anne Bull. We were always seen together, but there was another side to me that was not so tame. I had a Jekyll and Hyde personality, almost two different people or multiple personalities.

I only recall how the mind would wander, deep into my own thoughts and seeming very distant most of the time in the church. A youth director maintained that I was demon possessed. He is a very popular evangelist / speaker today but will refrain from naming names, only that he hated me and I was not all that fond of him. I was made bitter by this man as well as others when the word went around that I was possessed, isolating me from all others and seeing the kind of mistake many make in abusing the victim, I was the demon rather than what was starting to take control of me.

This made me very anti social and a loner, (at least we need some source to blame in how we turned out as kids). Very few want to exercise personal responsibility for our actions and behavior, so the devil made me do it.

There is no need for me to cover the teen years which would just be a replay of things. However, a pattern was set of rebellion, hating the isolation but also feeling safe apart from self righteous people. I wasn't a violent kid but would retaliate if provoked. I hated violence, yet kept company with violent people who influenced me a lot the wrong way and the Jekyll / Hyde personality became more pronounced.

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Sir Isaac Newton
AD 1642-1727

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