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The Power Of Boycott

A letter to Toronto Star

I am one of the business owners who boycotted the Toronto Star and took my $30,000.00 yearly advertising business elsewhere. A few weeks after the Jenin battle, I couriered the following letter to their [Toronto Star's] past publisher, Mr. John Hondrich, without receiving a response:
Please feel free to use this letter as you please.

The Hardwood Flooring Store Ltd.
7291 Victoria Park Avenue, Unit #7
Markham, Ontario L3R 3A4
905-475-9582 - 1-800-263-6363 - (fax) 905-475-9634

Toronto Star Newspapers Limited
One Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E6

Attention: Mr. John A. Honderich

Dear Sir,

I have received the undated form letter that the Toronto Star sends out to people who have cancelled their subscriptions due to a disagreement with editorial policy. I thought that it would be best to personally explain why I have cancelled my subscription and more importantly cancelled over $30,000.00 a year of display advertising with your organization.

Your paper has taken on the role of encouraging the hatred of Jews. It's biased reporting of the Palestinian cause has gone well beyond just reporting the facts. When Jews are blown up in a pizza parlor and the focus of your reporting on the sad state of affairs that have led to the necessity of such attacks, you are letting the homicide bombings work for the political advancement of the Palestinian people. Instead of reporting the suffering of families who have to bury loved ones, including in most cases young women and children, or show in more graphic detail the damage on people's bodies caused by explosions laced with nails, ball bearings and other maiming objects, you use every opportunity to report about the poor plight of the Palestinian people who are faced with no alternative actions.

When I called to cancel my subscription one of your staff members said that the Star's policy is pro-Palestinian and they won't change their policy.

Have you even thought of how the Palestinian people got to where they are?

Remember their cheering after the September 11th attack and when the skud missiles were landing in Israel?

Every Arab country in which the Palestinian people have been has had a state sponsored war against them. When Syria was suffering from a lack of workers and it was suggested to them that they give jobs to the Palestinian people, their reaction was that they would rather hire Americans, British, Chinese or anyone else but the Palestinian people because they want them to stay right where they are so their presence would eventually lead to the destruction of Israel.

Have you asked yourself why there are Palestinian people living in refuge camps since 1948, while the Arab world is rich from selling oil to the West?

How many Jews still live in European refuge camps since the Nazi's failed in the extermination of world Jewry?

Israel and the Israelis have been the only guarantee that the holiness of the "Holy Land" is protected for all religions. Do you believe that the Islamic fundamentalists will protect the holy sites of the Jews and Christians?

Remember what happened to the Buddha statues in Afghanistan?

When the Toronto Star reported about the massacre in Jenin it was decided not to report that Jenin was a bomb-making factory that was the staging grounds of dozens of attacks including the Passover night real massacre at the Park Hotel in Netanyahu. The facts later proved that there was no massacre in Jenin. As a matter of fact your dramatic reporting of the event caused a tremendous outcry against Israel and Jews. Did you produce any headlines that might stop or reverse the anti-Israel feelings after you found out the truth about Jenin?

No you didn't! So the hatred against Israel and Jews that your paper condoned, still exists. The basis for some people's decisions to hate Israel is from inaccurate reporting that wasn't retracted.

Many young Israelis have unnecessarily died because of how the media reports the news. Israel always acts knowing that the world will judge them, even though the judgment is often based on false information. The Americans didn't send ground troops into Afghanistan or Iraq until after they carpet bombed their enemy's positions. The Israelis in Jenin went house to house and lost 23 people in hand-to-hand combat. It would have been much easier to drop a few bombs first but no matter how badly your paper portrays Jews, they value the sanctity of life so much that they put themselves in harms way to avoid unnecessary harm to innocent and not so innocent Palestinian people.

I don't understand anti-Semitism because it doesn't make sense that it should exist, but history has been unkind to the Jews. Is it possible that you don't really know the damage your paper does to Jews?

I would like to think that a man of your stature and position would want to look into this matter further. If you would like to have a meeting with prominent Jewish people who would like to discuss in detail with you your paper's reasons for its Palestinian bias that could be easily arranged. I would welcome the opportunity of setting up such a meeting. I only ask that your paper be honest with its reporting so people can form their own opinions from facts.

Yours truly,

Ron Ander
President & General Manager
The Hardwood Flooring Store Ltd.



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Sir Isaac Newton
AD 1642-1727

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